Download “Like a Stone” on iTunes! 06/23/2107

Hey Everyone!

I’m really proud and very excited to be able to share this with everyone!  “Like a Stone” is a project that came together very quickly and I’m blessed to have the opportunity to record this amazing song. I hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed recording it.

More news coming this Sunday about other “Like a Stone” news, but in the meantime here’s the link to iTunes for the download!

Click Here for “Like a Stone” on iTunes!

Exclusive Podcast Announcement! 06/25/2017

Hey Everyone, just wanted to let everyone know about my friends Rob and Chad’s podcast called “The Clubhouse.” It’s your one stop shop for all things sports and entertainment, and I’ll be filling in a guest seat.

I’m hanging for the whole show, but there will be an exclusive announcement made during the show on a couple of projects I’ve been working on and I’m excited that Rob and Chad are allowing me to come on in and join the fun!

Be sure and check out their website for the live stream at The Clubhouse Podcast or you can check out the archives and the replay of the show on their ITunes Podcast page at The Clubhouse Podcast on iTunes

Hope you log in for the show and be sure to listen for the big announcement!

~ Chance