Hey Everyone! Just wanted to send a quick message to let you al know that all episodes of Live at Chance’s House S130-34 in September will be a dedicated fundraising event for Operation Kindness, the largest “no kill” shelter in North Texas.

I’ve taken them as a partner so in order to facilitate them as hosts the events below are public and minimal invites will be sent. If you want a reminder, click on the “Interested” button for an add to your calendar.

Live at Chance’s House can be seen on my Official Facebook Page, @musicbychanceofficial or the Group Page Music By Chance every Thursday night at 7PM CST.

Live music music talk, interviews, guest spots with music videos, new music releases and so much more for your entertainment. Hope to see you at the livestream soon!

Also coming soon: An interview with Nikki Walker, Director of Operations for Operation Kindness. We will all about the importance of donations to the organization and exactly what amazing things they do every day for out furry friends in need.

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