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Liveable Arlington is a citizen’s group, to advocate for and organize toward a healthy, environmentally conscious, sustainable city.

There needs to be a continued focus on methane emissions and standards as well as injection well monitoring in and around areas of safe drinking water or earthquake prone zones around fault lines.

Right now, there are nearly 400,000 active oil and gas wells, compressor stations, and processing plants in the state of Texas. exas is also home to some of the worst methane pollution and ozone smog in the country. Each day, oil and gas activities across the state spring leaks that spew toxic pollution into the air, like an invisible oil spill. The smog that pollution forms is beginning to verge on a public health crisis: by 2025, Texas is expected to be the worst place in America for children who suffer from asthma caused by pollution from oil and gas activities.

Unfortunately, Texas lacks meaningful standards for detecting and repairing leaks, which reduce pollution from oil and gas activities and keep our children and families healthy. Texans rely on the protections provided by the federal New Source Performance Standards (NSPS), finalized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) last year, that safeguard against methane and other toxic pollution in the air our children breathe. The EPA’s pollution standards apply to 7,400 “new and modified” oil and gas wells across the state of Texas; in order to reduce toxic emissions and comply with the EPA’s standards, “new and modified” facilities are required to install pollution control equipment when they are first built or when an older facility is modified and to regularly inspect and fix leaky equipment.

Now, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is attempting to suspend these common sense leak detection and repair requirements at the behest of the oil and gas lobby. If these safeguards are suspended, or even worse repealed, families and children in Texas will undoubtedly face an ever-growing public health crisis from unchecked pollution in their communities, near schools, churches, and neighborhoods.

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