Video By Chance

Click on the YouTube social media icon to check all the live performances that I have captured along with many other videos of interest.

Coming Soon my other project RDO will have a Roku Channel dedicated to my original videos, RDO videos of our music and other notable programming.  This marks a chapter as we move into more digital broadcasting for all things Music By Chance and RDO.

Coming soon, I’ll be transferring all my best performances on video in full 1080P HD quality to Vimeo.

Lastly, if you want a music video done, editing, or any other type of promotion video, I can help provide that as well,  Over the years I have developed skills utilizing Final Cut Pro X, and maybe able to offer a lower cost solution if you don’t require Hollywood level production. Most of the music videos made for myself and RDO have been self produced and directed for very little or no cost.  Please reach out to me at chance@musicbychance.net for more information.

My YouTube channel can be found at youtube.com/videobychance

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